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Is nudism allowed in Greece?

GreecePosted by Naturistworld Sat, March 18, 2017 18:23:40

Greece, with all those little islands and beaches, are very popular among travelers.

But is it a good place for naturist and nude swimmers?

Yes and no.

Throughout Greece, only a few licensed areas allow naturism. But in reality, nudism is tolerated in a number of places. Almost every beach we visited, that is not too close to a crowded tourist center, offer a spot for naturist baths.

Most of these places are quiet, remote beaches or coves. Hide away gems that allows you total freedom in many ways!

Be ware that the situation might change suddenly or seasonally. High season and holiday time brings many Greek families to the beach and more people than at other times. Crowdy beaches can mean that the space provided for nude baths shrink dramatically.

Do use your common sense and avoid deliberately shocking textile bathers. Have in mind that Crete is still a deeply traditional place and being nude on a beach is not always considered “normal”. Topless sunbathing is more accepted though!