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Nude bathing on Crete – find the hidden naturist beaches!

GreecePosted by Naturistworld Sat, March 18, 2017 18:44:33

Swimming and bathing naked is sometimes a rare treat, especially if you want blue water and breathtaking views. If you long for total freedom among other naturists, you should go for Crete next summer. This Greek island offers everything you could wish for and there are plenty of opportunities – if you know where they are. (picture of Crete beach)

Crete, like many other Greek islands, are well known and appreciated among travellers looking for sun and baths. This BIG island really has everything you could wish for. That this is true also for nude travellers, is not as well known. But there are lots of places for those who prefer a bath without clothes. Most of these places are quiet, remote beaches or coves. Hide away gems!

Here is how you find them:

* Use our global map. Zoom in Crete, and see if one of our pinned beaches is close to your location! You find the map here>>

* Plan your trip. Since the island is big, you might need to plan your trip in beforehand. Maybe you want to find some where to stay close to one of the beaches? Or why not travel around and visit several? Using our map will help you find some of the best beaches for naturist.

* Ask you hotel or host for where you can find a place where nude baths are allowed. (See below) There is also a private beach belonging to a naturist hotel on the south side, where you can visit if you pay for a day-pass.

* Go to any beach and look for other nude bathers. Almost every beach on the island give you the opportunity to take a naked bath. Just walk as far as you can on the beach away from the crowd. If you are first at the spot and no signs says it’s strictly forbidden. Go for it!

Above you find a picture from Falassana, a beach on the north-west side of Crete with lovely sand, suitable for snorkling and an area for nude bathing.


Throughout Greece, only a few licensed areas allow naturism. In reality, nudism is tolerated in a number of places.

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